Great Blue Heron - Heron Observation Network of Maine

Great Blue Heron - Heron Observation Network of Maine
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Who doesn't love a good wader?!  From coast to coast the Great Blue Heron (GBHE) is an iconic sight near any water.  Here in Maine, they're a Species of Special Concern due to declines in coastal breeding pairs.  Burly Bird has partnered with the Heron Observation Network of Maine (HERON) to help raise funds for an important statewide aerial survey for nesting GBHE scheduled for 2015. 

HERON is a volunteer adopt-a-colony program started by the Maine Department of inland Fish and Wildlife (MDIFW) in 2009 in order to gain a better understanding of the GBHE's status in Maine.  In four years, MDIFW has documented over 280 GBHE colonies, approximately 100 of which are currently active.  In addition to volunteer monitoring data, it is importnat to periodically do a statewide survey to find any new GBHE colonies - and what better way than to get a bird's eye view of potential nesting areas?!  MDIFW's Warden Service and the Maine Forest Service will pilot the flights which cost around $150/hour.  It's estimated that nearly 100 hours of flight time could be needed. 

Help us raise money for this great cause - $3.00 from every sticker goes directly to funding the survey and also will help to leverage federal funding through Maine's State Wildlife Grant Program!  Show your support for volunteer and State efforts that have done so much for bird conservation!     


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